FIKR Consultancy is an HRDF Certified Training Provider. Our specializations are as per following areas.

[T1] Technical Trainings

The company offers specialized ICT and Engineering Trainings for Asset and Project Management. The trainings are handled highly experience and skill team to offer advanced competency and knowledge. The specialized trainings also offer options for certification program such as Microsoft Certification, Project Management Certification, CCNA and other certifications.

[T2] Soft Skill Trainings

The company offers comprehensive soft-skill trainings from time management to motivation trainings. The training content will be tailored to meet the organizational objectives in other to provide better understanding of the organizational goals and thus gearing towards a highly objective driven organization.

[T2] Personnel Development Program

There is high demand of personnel development in fast pace development of nation. As such reskilling of graduates to meet the demands from the employment sector is highly crucial to ensure that the national are fully utilized. As such the company offers special programs to ensure graduate are ready for the job market through comprehensive reskilling programs.

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