[E1] Energy Audit Programs

Increasing demand coupled with the depletion of fossil fuel reserves and the subsequent effects these have toward the environment; energy is one of the main concerns that the global community is trying to control by using efficiently. One the first steps is to embark on organizational level Energy Audit Program.
FIKR Consultancy offers complete Energy Audit Program for organizations that requires energy consumption analysis for their premises. These comprehensive activities cover all aspect of energy consumption measurement and data collection and compiled into detailed report to determine areas of improvements toward conserving energy.
FIKR CONSULTANCY employs best engineering judgment and best practice methods in estimating the energy saving and implementation cost.
The data used in Energy Consultancy & Services shall be based on documented evidence, interview with user, equipment manuals, records and field measurements and observations of building facilities made available.

All energy projects shall benchmark the management, operation and deliverable to established standards:

[E2] Energy Management Program

Implementing Energy Management Program requires full support from all levels of staff in the organization. The principle of such program is to integrate energy efficiency initiatives into the fabric of the organization. This is done among others through the setting up of a functional Energy Management Team, development of company level Energy Policy & Objectives, monitoring of Energy Consumption and implementation of strategic Energy Awareness Programs in the organization.
FIKR Consultancy provides all-inclusive bespoke consultancy service to organizations keen on embarking on their own Energy Management Program, able and credible to advise organizations each step of the way.

[E3] Energy Certification Services

Certification serves as the evidence of a company’s commitment to quality and demonstrates to all the effectiveness of the company’s environmental initiatives and efforts. Certification exercise are comprehensive endeavor which requires participation at all levels of the organization. These require among others extensive document development, review of organizational energy management efforts, and fine-tuning company’s standard operating procedures.

FIKR Consultancy offers vital services to organizations keen on improving their stature to achieve national, regional and international quality recognition through certifications like AEMAS: Energy Management Gold; Standard, ISO 50001: Energy Management; Green Building Index (GBI); MyCREST: Malaysian Carbon Reduction & Environmental Sustainability Tool and many more.

[E4] Green Technology

Organizations across industries typically identify cost savings and operational efficiency as the primary motivations for “going green”. This could be expected because sustainability is frequently consistent with profit missions.

FIKR Consultancy as a green technology and solution company is ever ready to present a compelling case for investment in Green Technology while at the same time managing the client company’s bottom line. Partnering with technology companies and manufacturers, FCSB exceeds clients’ requirement for green technology products and services by identifying suitable entry points at strategic areas of operations within the company.
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