Registered Energy Company Services (ESCO)

Established in 2010 to pursue initiatives in the ICT sector, FIKR Consultancy Sdn Bhd (FCSB) have extended and diversified their portfolio to be an inclusive full-fledged technology company providing service and solution for facility management, energy management and information technology.
Initially providing Training & Consultancy services in Project Management, FCSB ventured into the ICT Services & Solutions in 2012 by becoming a sub-contractor providing hardware and software application development services to the Ministry of Defense (MINDEF) for various infrastructure projects for Tentera Darat Malaysia (TDM) and Tentera Laut DiRaja Malaysia (TLDM).
In 2013, backed by solid technical experience of our personnel, the company again made the leap into a new venture; Energy Consultancy & Services. Working with partners from the industry FCSB provides consultancy services for energy certification like ISO 50001 and AEMAS Star Rating. FCSB then in 2014 became one of the pioneer Energy Services Company (ESCO) in Malaysia sanctioned by Suruhanjaya Tenaga. Energy Management henceforward continues to be the main portfolio of the company whereby FCSB has been entrusted to lead over 35 energy projects at various locations throughout Peninsular Malaysia.
2014 marked FCSB foray into Architectural & Construction with CIDB registration, whereby the company achieved 3 Star Rating in 2015, and Grade G6 Contractor in 2016.
Currently, FCSB is making strides in providing bespoke Asset Management & Green Technology and services meant for unique solutions across numerous industries and sectors.

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